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SYNAP, is the only application to incorporate advertising in its design. We don’t just make it easy for you to manage your business,
We make it easy for you to increase sales.


Advertising Tools o' plenty

Use our Advertising Control Center to manage and maintain all your advertising campaigns.
  • Link services like Google Adwords, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping and others
  • Add SYNAP|CRM and manage sales campaigns for Customers as well as advertising for products
Quick Search & Editing tool

Build and Save Advertising Campaigns

Building advertising Campaigns is easy:
  • Select what Products you wish to advertise
  • Create an Ad Template
  • Generate your search terms from your product keywords
  • and Post your campaign to your online service
Create HTML Enchanced Product Description instantly

Create Ad Templates

Use your products actual data to create versatile content specific ads. Don’t use static ads to advertise your products. Create rich ads using our dynamic content generator
  • Create and Save Templates
  • Specify and assign your own merge fields
  • Test and Preview your Ads
Upsell related products right in the description

Auto Create Search Term Keywords

Just specify a short list of keywords and SYNAP will synthesis hundreds of possible keyword combinations for you to use in your ad
  • 3 tier Keyword Synthesizer, capable of generating 4,096 search terms per product
  • Disable and Edit keywords manually
  • Set cost per click value per product
Store and easily upload multiple images with one click!

Quickly Assign Categories, Options, and link your stores Admin View to your Product

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Can't find the feature you need?
We can customize SYNAP to suit your specific needs and add the features you need the most.
Just ask.