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Turn Leads into Sales Opportunities, Opportunities to Customers,
and Customers to more and more Orders.
Finally an easy to understand CRM that can also connect to the rest of your business.
Billing doesn't have to be painful!

CRM | In Production

In Production

We are still putting the finishing touches on this awesome product.
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Import Inventory from your supplier and list it on your store (with images!) in minutes not days

Key Features

Tailor a Sales acquistion process to match your business. Foster great customer relations and develope new sales opportunities.
  • Track all Customer Activities such as Orders and Calls
  • Promote Sales and feedback by automating communications with your customers
  • Track Prospects and turn them into Customers with your own custom Sales Status assignments
  • Create custom recurring billing procedures
  • Import orders from your online store
  • Use a Customer Service Web portal to allow external agents to manage your customers
  • Process Customer Activations for recurring billing
  • Process Credit Card Payments (requires SYNAP|Payments)
    and much more..
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