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Finally a tool that makes updating Products and Inventory on your Web Store a SNAP!

Have you ever wished you could manage your Volusion, BigCommerce or Shopify Store from your desktop or mobile device?

Make bulk edits to 1000s’ of products and categories and upload your changes to multiple ecommerce platforms at once. Update inventory and located products in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. Post Ads in Google and other web advertisers. Compare prices of your competitors, and much more.


So you just started an online store or you have been running a store for a while. As you have found, filling your site with products and managing inventory, then advertising those products is no small task. We built a tool that could do all that hard stuff in days rather than months and helps you maintain your sellers edge so you can sell more of your products.
Start Making your life easier.KEY FEATURES


What would life be without Dashboards?
With our Customizable Dashboards, you can choose what area of your business you want to keep an eye on.
  • Customizable Dashboard Widgets
  • Custom Graphs and Charts
  • Customizable Reports
  • No PHD Required


Import Inventory from your supplier and list it on your store(with images!) in minutes, not days.
  • Automatic Image Import and Upload
  • Track POs and Receiving
  • Log & Lookup Inventory by Bar Code
  • Track Serial Numbers and Expiration Dates
  • Track Storage Location and Capacity
  • Even use an iPhone or iPad to Log Inventory

Product Management

Do you hate those clunky web admin pages as much as we do?
Import products, categories, or inventory fron ANY source and upload it to your store right from your desktop. Quick & Simple.
  • Create alluring HTML Product Descriptions
  • Create product search keywords automatically
  • Product Pricing Research & Comparison Tool
  • Bulk Pricing and Content Changes
  • UPC Code Lookup
  • Upsell Related Products


The success of any store depeonds on its ability to properly advertise its merchandise. It's been proven that invividually targetted ads on a per product basis works best. Although this is the best method, it is also the most time consuming. Imagine creating 100 or 1000 individual product ads yourself.
Now you don't have to. We automate advertising for you.
  • Automatically generate keyowrd search terms per individual product
  • Upload Ads to Google and other advertisers
  • Create ad templates and manage click costs


SYNAP's keystone is its ability to integrate with other mainstream platforms. Our focus is to consistently grow our integration to help our customers expand their businesses without changing the way they do business.
  • Automatic Updates of Products, Categories, and Options to your online store.
  • Manual Imports of Products, Categories, and Inventory via Excel, CSV, XML, or JSON data
  • Future Integration with payment and sales systems is planned for 2015.
* some integrations may be under development and are not yet available.
If that's not enough, there's more!
Our Guarantee and Pledge
Our product is guranteed to pay for itself.
If you don't earn more than 10 times what you pay us, you can return the product for a full refund*
*terms and conditions apply

Hear how our products have made our customers smile

and they're not smiling because we're funny

Fake person
“Using SYNAP has saved us soooo much time we actually have time to create new products and focus on expanding our product line. Listing our inventory and products has finally been made ease.
Thank You, SYNAP”

– John

Fake person
“We have had our sales increased by 30%. By taking advantage of the advertising and upselling feature, our customers have been able to find what they’re looking for easier. Also category changes and price edits used to be a HUGE pain and now its easy for us to update 500 products.”

– Jane