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Connect your business to everything else
SYNAP | Modules
SYNAP's inter-connecting modules allow you to build a central integrated system that can manage your entire organization while connecting your business with everything else.

Build an eCommerce Store Management system; a Sales CRM system, an ERP system, a Rental or Inventory tracking system. You’re only limited by your imagination.

SYNAP is based on Apple’s widely popular FileMaker Platform and runs on Windows, Mac, iOS devices and via the Web.
All Modules can be customized and connected to existing database systems.*
See the Modules that make up SYNAP's | eStore Edition
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Customizing SYNAP is also a SNAP!

Our products are built on a unique modular design.
This allows use to connect your existing database solutions to SYNAP or to create custom functions
that are unique to your business needs.
Additional costs apply.