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SYNAP | eStore Edition
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Enhance your SYNAP Business Solution:

Add More Stations +$75/station/month
Initially your monthly subscription plan includes 1 Station License. That means you can only install SYNAP on a single computer. If you need to install it on other computers in addition to that station, you will need to purchase an additional Station License.

Upgrade your Plan +$50-125/month
Upgrade your current plan to take advantage of the features in our Pro and Enterprise Plans.

Click Here to see a feature comparision of our plans

Add More Modules +$50/module/month
A module is like a department in your company. Like Sales or Inventory. SYNAP is divided into modules so you can select only the modules you need to run your business. Initially, your SYNAP Edition comes with several modules depending on the plan you have choosen. Adding additional modules to manage another area of your business is simple. For example: If you wanted to add a Customer Module or an Orders Module to your current edition, you can simply purchase the additional module as an add-on to your existing solution.

Add a Product $varies
You may also merge our products together like SYNAP|eStore and SYNAP|CRM editions to save more rather than purchasing individual modules.

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