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SYNAP|eStore Edition
So you just started an online store or you have been running a store for a while. As you have found, filling your site with products and managing inventory, then advertising those products is no small task. We built a tool that could do all that hard stuff in days rather than months and helps you maintain your sellers edge so you can sell more of your products.
Updating Products and Inventory just got easier

This product doesn’t just come with great time saving features, it includes winning business principles you need to improve sales and succeed.

SYNAP eStore editon
is a special receipe of SYNAP that focuses on helping merchants and businesses run a successful online store. With over 15 years of experience in running successful eStores, we have packed all our secrets and tradecraft into a single app package designed to give you the winning edge you need to sell your products on the web without the hardships and tangles we experienced as online merchants ourselves. Who better to design a great store management system than the merchants themselves. There are way too many features to even mention but we highlighted a few for you in the chart below and the full feature description page .

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or start a chat .
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Modules Included
Integration *


Key Features IncludedENTPROBASIC
Bulk Updates to Product/Categories
Bulk Image Updates
HTML Product Description
Product Upsells, Offers and Related
Auto Search Keyword Generation
Image Grab from Import
Product Research Center
Multi Store Integration *
POs and Receiving Stock Tracking  
Inventory Log  
Barcode Scanning    
Stock Location Tracking    
Inventory Updates via iPhone, iPad    
Custom Reports and Features    
Link to existing Internal Database    
Generate Ads for Google Adwords    
Export Products to Google Shopping    


Number of Users

A single SYNAP license includes an installation on a single computer allocated to a user. In order to use SYNAP on more than one computer or user you will need to purchase additional Station Licenses in the Upgrade Section.

1 Unlimited** Unlimited**
Number of Integration Channels

A SYNAP Integration Channel can be used to connect to an external web services like an eCommerce service, eBay, or Amazon. Your Plan dictates how many connections you can have. or You can also purchase Additional Channels Upgrades here.

1 2 4 or more**
Server Hosted

If you need to share your SYNAP Solution but you don’t want to spend money on buying your own server? We have Server Hosting Plans that will fit you budget and you exact need. Find out More about our Hosting Plans here.

  ** **
Share Data to other Computers  
Online Backups

Our Enterprise Plan come with our very own Cloud Backup Service. Backup your SYNAP Data or your server to our Online Cloud Backup Storage

Web Capable

Web enabled plans and solutions means you can access parts of your SYNAP system by using a standard Web Browser



Support is the most important aspect of our business.

We are here to make sure you get the most from our products. When you purchase a product that runs your entire business, its critical to always keep it running as well oiled machine.

Your purchase includes our FREE Support option. FREE Support includes email support for setup, and troubleshooting with a 24-48 hrs response time.

We realize that many business have different support needs. So we developed an array of support options that can support any business, what ever your needs are.

See the chart below to see what support option is best for you..

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us or start a chat.
Support Plans
What's Included
    Support via Email                      
Free Setup Support
Support via Phone/Remote Helpdesk
Custom Dev. Hours Included 0 0 2
Response Time in Hrs 24 6 2
Support Availability 8x5 8x5 24x7
Network/Server Support  
Dedicated Support Representative    
Senior Business Consult/Engineer    
Monthly Custom Feature Requests    


Do you need a feature we currently haven't developed yet? No problem.We offer custom development services that gives any business the opportunity to tailor any SYNAP solution to their exact needs. You can learn more about that on our Custom Development page or refer to the chart below for a quick cost reference.
Custom Development Pricing Chart
  # of Hours Rate Total
5 $165 $825
10 $145 $1450
20 $135 $2700
30 $125 $3750
40 $120 $4800
Support blocks are a great way to work on a project. You get discounted hours which never expire. They can be used towards any service, support or training. Contact us for specific estimates on features you wish to implement.

Still need additional info on our Support Options? Go here
Enhance your SYNAP Business Solution:

Add More Stations +$75/month
Initially your monthly subscription plan includes 1 Station License. That means you can only install SYNAP on a single computer. If you need to install it on other computers in addition to that station, you will need to purchase an additional Station License.

Hosting Plans +$150/month
Initially your monthly subscription plan includes 1 Station License. That means you can only install SYNAP on a single computer. If you need to install it on other computers in addition to that station, you will need to purchase an additional Station License.
Hosted in your Office   Hosted with Us
Data Server Cost Est. $900/month $150/month
Cost Comparison is based on 5 Stations, 1 Server, + FileMaker license fees
Upgrade your Plan +$50-125/month
Upgrade your current plan to take advantage of new features in our Pro and Enterprise Plans.

Click Here to see a feature comparision of our plans

Current Plan                   New Plan            New Monthly Rate
Current Plan      New Plan      New Monthly Rate
Basic ---> Pro +50 $125
Basic ---> Ent +$200 $250
Pro ---> Ent +$125 $250
Add More Modules +$50/module/month
Initially your SYNAP Edition comes with several modules depending on the plan you have chosen. Adding additional Modules is simply. For example: If you wanted to add a Customer Module or an Orders Module to your current edition, you can simply purchase the additional module as an add-on to your existing solution.

Start running the business you've always dreamed of

Minimum Requirements
Internet Connection
1.5 GHz or faster (2.3 GHz recommended) Memory
2 GB of RAM (4GB recommended) Storage
60 GB (100GB recommended)
100MB Ethernet (1G recommended) Required Software
FileMaker Pro 16
(included in Pro and Ent plans)
FileMaker 16 Runtime
(included in Basic plan)
This version is compatible with:
FileMaker Versions:
FileMaker Pro 16 or higher
FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 or higher
FileMaker Server 15 or higher
Operating Systems
Windows OS:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Mac OS:
Mac OS X 10.10
Mac OS X 10.11
Mac OS X 10.12
Mac OS X 10.13