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This special SYNAP product is specially designed to handle the needs of Architecural,
Construction, and Engineering firms. Never before has there been a better tool for managing
projects and billing.
Spend more time designing and less time managing your projects!

Architect | In Production

In Production

We are still putting the finishing touches on this awesome product.
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Import Inventory from your supplier and list it on your store (with images!) in minutes not days

Key Features

Stop running after employees to fill in their timesheets and put an end to mind numbing billing practices:
  • Supports Multiple Billing Types: Custom Hourly, Fixed Rate, and Completion Percentage of Project
  • Real-Time Project/Budget Worksheet
  • Billable Expense Tracking
  • Custom Site Survey Forms (iPad compatible)
  • Task Driven Time Sheets
  • Time Sheet batch review, approval and billing process
  • Batch Invoice Processing
  • Record payments and track Unpaid Invoices
  • Employee Performance Rating
  • Custom Project Estimating and Contract Creation
  • Detailed Task Assignments and Weekly Task Planner
  • Custom Reports
    and much more..
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